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Telling Time in Spanish

October 20, 2013 1 comment

TimeSpanishRulesWe have just finished updating our Spanish Lesson 12 on to HTML5 so it works well with all modern browsers!  It is also designed for touch, a fantastic feature for all our visitors using a Windows 8 touch device, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Rules for Telling Time in Spanish

Start with the basic rules for learning the hour, half hour and quarter hour.  Tap or click on the clock to listen in Spanish.

Rules for Telling Time in Spanish

Examples for Telling Time in Spanish

Next we’ll show you how to tell time in Spanish whether it is 5 minutes past the hour or 20 minutes past.  Click or tap on the clock examples to listen.

Examples for Telling Time in Spanish

Vocabulary to Help When Talking about the Time in Spanish

When talking about the time of day in Spanish, it is often important to add some vocabulary to your sentences in order to give the other person more clarification.  We have included a long list of vocabulary that you can learn and use.  Listen in Spanish and learn how to ask: What time is it?, or say “in the morning”, “in the afternoon” or “on the dot”.

Spanish Vocabulary for Telling Time

TimeExpressionsSpanishExpressions for Telling Time in Spanish

We are not stopping with just the added vocabulary however.  You can also learn some common expressions used when referring to a time.  Some examples are: “yesterday”, “overnight”, “in a little while” and “as soon as”.  Learning some of these simple expressions is a great way to dramatically improve your conversational ability in Spanish.

Expressions in Spanish Related to Time

Enjoy learning Spanish!

No tengo pelos en la lengua

We love this Spanish expression so much that we’ve made it our Featured Spanish Saying for the week.

The literal translation is of course “I don’t have hair on my tongue”.  The meaning though is entirely different.  It means I am not afraid to speak my mind, or say what is on my mind.

It is fun Spanish expression to use and kids love it because of its literal translation.

expressions-coverth-80px Learn some more Spanish expressions by visiting  If you’re interested in a larger list of Spanish expressions than check out our 10 page PDF Spanish Expressions download.