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Spanish for Kids Lesson 2

February 5, 2012 2 comments

For lesson 2 we venture into your own school and take a look at all kinds of people, places and things that you find at school.

Places at your School in Spanish


Start off by learning the Spanish names for various rooms and areas both inside and outside of your school.  What do you call “classroom” in Spanish?  Do you enjoy playing sports?  Learn the Spanish names for the baseball diamond, soccer field and the basketball court.  What do you call the “hallway” in Spanish or the Principal’s office?

Listen to the Spanish names for places at your school here.







People at your School in Spanish


There are a lot of different people that you encounter everyday at school including teachers, support staff, the principal and other students.

Learn the the Spanish names for all of these people that you’ll find at your school.

Listen to the Spanish pronunciation for people at school here.





Classroom Items in Spanish


This is great section of Lesson 2 where you will learn the Spanish names for many different items that you use everyday in the classroom.  In no time you’ll find yourself identifying objects all around the classroom by their Spanish names. Books, pencils, crayons, computers and more; all in Spanish.

Listen to the Spanish pronunciation of many classroom items here.







Commands and Phrases for use in the Classroom



Here you will find some simple words and phrases in Spanish that are commonly used in the classroom.  Usually the teacher will use these but they are helpful also for the parents.

The phrases vary from “sit down”, “stand up” and “write” to phrases such as “form a circle” and “raise your hand”.

Listen to the Spanish commands for the classroom here.







Count from 11 to 20 in Spanish


Lesson 2 expands on your numbers in Spanish vocabulary.  Learn to count in Spanish from 11 to 20.

Count to 20 in Spanish.








Don’t forget to print out the free Lesson 2 Spanish vocabulary sheets when you are all done and add them to your sheets from lesson 1.

You’ll find those full color PDF Spanish vocabulary sheets here.