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Spanish App Update-athon

Our first 3 apps to receive major updates for Windows Phone 8 are now live!  The updates are exclusive to Windows Phone 8.


Spanish for Noobs App

  • Do you place an ‘O’ on the end of an English word hoping to make it Spanish?
  • Do you only know "Dos cervezas por favor."?
  • Do you pronounce the "h" in "hola"?
  • Do you believe that in Mexico they speak "Mexican"?

Sorry but you must be a Spanish Noob. Don’t worry though! Our Spanish for Noobs Windows Phone App is here.

Start at the very beginning by picking up some basic vocabulary and phrases. When you’re ready read up on some introductory Spanish grammar for beginners.

In no time you’ll be watching Colombian Telenovelas!

Download it now from the Windows Phone Store



Spanish Past Tense App

The Spanish Grammar Preterite and Imperfect Tenses app is designed for students learning the Spanish language, specifically the simple past tense. It provides students with a quick and easy reference to the rules, exceptions and uses of the simple past tense. Essentially it is a cheat sheet for your Windows Phone. It provides you with sample regular and irregular verbs along with their English translation and their past tense conjugation.

Includes 110 quiz questions over 6 different quizzes to test your knowledge and help you prepare for class.

The verb list contains over 340 common Spanish verbs, with their English translation and their preterite and imperfect tense forms build right into the app.

Download it now from the Windows Phone Store



Spanish Future Tense App

Improve your Spanish! Download our Spanish Future Tense app to learn the rules and uses of the future tense.

Designed for students to use a reference tool, our comprehensive list of over 340 common verbs will help you achieve success in your Spanish class.

Version 2.0 for Windows Phone 8 includes a new design and 100 questions over 5 different quizzes to help you prepare for your next exam. It is a great tool to use when working on your homework assignments. The app is simple to navigate and easy to understand.

Download it now from the Windows Phone Store

Spanish Past Tense for Windows Phone

May 16, 2013 1 comment

Over the last couple of months we have been working hard to update all of our Spanish language learning apps for Windows Phone.  Originally, we were going to provide small updates for Windows Phone 8 users that would remove black bars and add the new tile sizes.  Once we started going through the apps we couldn’t stop and have actually begun to overhaul the apps with a spruced up look and feel plus additional content.

Here is a look at some of the changes that are coming:

Current Version



What’s Coming


Spanish Past Tense for Windows Phone 8


What is New

  1. New color scheme
  2. Added the imperfect tense
  3. Added 110 quiz questions over 6 different quizzes
  4. Easier feedback options using email, twitter or by rating the app
  5. Start screen is now a beautiful panorama
  6. Regular verbs and Uses were converted to pivot screens
  7. Removed the close button on the verb pop-ups.  Simply tap the pop-up to close it.
  8. Added more verbs to the verb list.
  9. Verb list now includes both the preterite and the imperfect.

The Bad News

While the app is finished we do not have access to a Windows Phone 8 device for more in-depth beta testing.  Unfortunately everyone here at are still using first generation Windows Phone 7.x devices.

Spanish Past Tense Cheat Sheet

October 7, 2010 1 comment

Spanish_Cheat_Sheet_Past_Tense-marketing-200w All you need to know about the simple past tense in Spanish condensed into one quick and easy reference page.

  • Which two verbs change ‘o’ to ‘u’ in the third person singular and plural?
  • How do you conjugate verbs that end in ‘CAR‘, ‘GAR‘ or ‘ZAR‘?
  • Do you know how to conjugate these verbs that change the ‘c’ to a ‘j’ in all persons?
  • BONUS: 38 Spanish expressions about time

Regular verbs
Irregular verbs
Verbs that change
Uses of the past tense

Keep a copy of this PDF file on your smart phone, another copy on your laptop and print out a copy for use in your Spanish class.

An indispensible reference sheet for students studying the past tense in Spanish