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Animals in Spanish

Animal vocabulary has been added to the Grade 4 Spanish for Kids section.  The vocabulary is separated into various sections according to animal group.

Mammals in Spanish

Mammals in Spanish

We’ve put together a pretty comprehensive list of mammals in Spanish from Baboons to Zebras.



Reptiles and Amphibians in Spanish

Reptiles and Amphibians in Spanish

Turtles, crocodiles, frogs and more.  Find reptiles and amphibians in Spanish.



Fish in Spanish

Fish in Spanish

On our Fish in Spanish page we’ve included all types of sea creatures including crustaceans and molluscs. From anchovies to tuna you’ll find a great selection of fish in Spanish which will come in handy at the aquarium or the restaurant.


Insects in Spanish

Insects in Spanish

Learn the names of some of the creepy crawlies that exist around us. Insects in Spanish features 21 different insects with their Spanish names.


Birds in Spanish


From albatross to woodpecker you’ll find some beautiful birds represented here in our birds in Spanish list.



Monsters in Spanish


If you thought we were only going to give you real animals in Spanish you were mistaken. A scary list of monsters and creatures of fantasy is also included for fun. Monsters in Spanish has the Spanish translation for ghosts, zombies, vampires and more scary creatures.

Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches

Each of our animals in Spanish sections also includes a crossword puzzle and word search puzzle for your enjoyment and to reinforce the vocabulary.

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